This is an article about a film, TV series or other is uncompleted information about the Lebanese dubbing.

The Bush Baby (Japanese: 大草原の小さな天使 ブッシュベイビー) is an animated series produced by Fuji TV and Nippon Animation.

Lebanese dubEdit

Racti Art Production & Distribution (Sharjah) presents: The Bush Baby

Participated in the dubbing:

Sound engineer: Iman Annan
Video recording: Nur ad-Din Abla
Computer: Adnan Chehab
Montage and mixing: Jamil Khalid
Translation: Ghida Suleiman
Opening theme
Lyrics and melodies: Dib Abu Shala
Singing: Imad Hawi
Dubbing execution: Across the Middle Television Production
tel: 1-644255 m.b: 14-6351
Beirut - Lebanon
Technician and linguist supervision: Amal Al-Masri

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