Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (Japanese: 風の中の少女 金髪のジェニー) is an animated series produced by TV Tokyo and Nippon Animation.

Lebanese dubEdit

Racti Art Production & Distribution (Sharjah) presents: Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair

Participated in the dubbing:

Sound engineering: Iman Al-Annan
Video tape recording and mixing: Malek M. Rajab
Production manager: Fuad Agha Al-Qassab
Narrator songs- Lyrics: Dr. Boutros Rouhana
Musical editing: Charbel Rohana and Hani Silini
Language supervision: Jumana Al-Nono
Technical supervision: Dr. Boutros Rouhana
Producton and distribution: Racti Art Production & Distribution
- United Arab Emirates -
fax: 00971 - 336221
tele: 337508 - 337507
m.b: 6413 Abu Dhabi
The dubbing completed into Arabic: Across the Middle Television Production
tele: 01/644255
m.b: 24/6351 Beirut - Lebanon

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