1001 Nights is a Canadian animated television series developed and produced at Big Bad Boo Studios.

Lebanese dubEdit

JeemTV versionEdit


Cartoon Network Arabic versionEdit


  • Maribel Soma - Shahrzad (first voice)
  • Nasrin Masoud - Shahrzad (second voice)
  • Fadi Rifai - Shahryar (first voice)
  • Asmahan Bitar - Donyazad
  • Rana Al Rifai - Shahzaman
  • Hassan Shamil - Shahryar (second voice)
  • Naji Shamil - Majid (first voice)
  • Omar Al-Shammaa - Majid (second voice)
  • Imad Feghaly
  • Shadi Shamas
  • Khaled El Sayed
  • Saad Hamdan
  • Iman Bitar
  • Rody Klayany
  • Fouad Shamas

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